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Sunshine angel service ten to ten no
Ten: advisory services to smile, door-to-door service to timely, speech and deportment to civilization, clothing shoes and hats to clean, treat customers should be sincere, work style to quickly, take care of business to concentric, design services to professional, paving guidance should be in place, and maintenance services to be careful.
Ten No: an advisory, service specifications are not allowed to perform no ambiguous biased, co-workers are not allowed to abuse, vehicle carrying no frolic miss this and that, in the home of a user not allowed to freely touch, to treat the problem selection committee, no wrangling vehicle tools not Luantingluanfang, information transfer delay, not omission in public places are not allowed to loud noise, door-to-door service not to be late for the delay of sunshine angel service specification
1 a smile: full service with a smile, for the emotional communication with customers
2 two timely: timely answer customer questions, timely service customer needs
3 of three norms: the service standard specification language, service standards, service specifications
4 four personality: personalized service content, personalized, personalized design scheme of paving, personalized guidance and maintenance services
5 five satisfaction: Sunshine satisfactory service attitude, satisfied with the service efficiency, satisfactory service standards, satisfied with the service quality, satisfaction service No.1 service commitment, there is one for you to send the service -- the truth is everywhere
The 1 Division I guarantee to provide quality products to consumers;
The 2.0757-82568111 national service toll free hotline received national customer service demand;
The door size 3 free of charge to the customer and the accurate calculation of the brick volume;
4 is equipped with professional "material consultants", provide free tile decoration material solutions for customers;
5 free to provide customers with tile home decoration design, to provide free professional product mix design;
6 to provide free technical guidance, all kinds of product tracking service;
7 have covered all regions of the country of the quality of services network, and high-quality service personnel, to provide high-quality, comprehensive and efficient service to our customers;
8 to provide free door-to-door service, normally according to customer specified time;
9 products do not meet the quality requirements, the company of unconditional return within 24 hours door-to-door service.