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No. 1 brand service
One, brand support
Marble tiles varieties of the most complete, the most abundant color of the brand. One marble tile rely on the strong strength of enterprises, for the terminal customers with high-end products and system of marketing services in one of the suppliers, the national leading brand of continuous appreciation of development, Chinese marble tile fashion brands, CCTV brand broadcasting, has passed ISO14000 quality system certification system, annual joint domestic and foreign media held a new conference Home Furnishing diversity, designer exchange meeting, intended to be No. 1 marble tiles into the international high-end fashion brand design.
Two, terminal image display
Uniform No. 1 marble tile marking and VI image, agents to assist the store location and field investigations, according to the design scheme of store location, size and provide guidance, sending construction supervision during construction.
For the terminal brand flagship store (National 20), the company will send the construction unit special for the construction, after the delivery of dealer management.
Three, training support
A marble tile terminal stores opened in front of the headquarters, will give dealers to provide all-round, multi-level training system, which makes the professional knowledge, management ability, the quality of personnel quickly upgrade:
1, shopping guide staff product knowledge, product pricing, guide skills and team training;
2, designers of the product specifications, measurement, design drawing system training, master module and design software using training;
3, after-sales service products Putie, maintenance, and common problems of processing training;
4, store management, inventory management and other special training.
Four, management and operation support
1, the dealer architecture form, post duty standard, process development, salary system, assessment and reward and punishment system output management system;
2, the implementation of standardized management model shop, provide a variety of forms, text daily regulate the operation of;
3, system dealer members marketing case compilation and sharing;
4, the dealer hold anniversary, and holiday marketing activities to guide the implementation of;
5, the headquarters marketing consultant not regularly visit exchanges, counseling, help dealers to provide operational support.
Five, regional protection and rebate support
To implement regional protection, exclusive franchise;
According to the performance evaluation of the dealers, the implementation of reimbursement policy rebate policy sales proportion and certain market promotion expenses to the dealer.