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The salary management to follow the distribution according to work, the priority of efficiency and fairness and the principle of sustainable development. Specific performance: fairness, competition, incentive, economy.
One, the salary system

On the basis of the job characteristics, the employees into management group, marketing and production of Vocational Vocational group group three vocational group, and further refined into twenty grades, the implementation of different grades of staff post salary system, different family, which constitute the company's salary system, company salary system mainly includes five kinds: function of wage system, percentage wage, piece rate wage system, market and wage agreement wage system.

Two, the salary structure
The company compensation management institutions refer to each position value coefficient, combined with the qualification of individual employees (including education, work experience, age, our general ability, professional ability) to determine the salary of the employee.

The company implements the salary system, salary should be composed of basic wages, overtime wages, monthly performance bonus, subsidy etc. a few parts per month. The company according to the law, social insurance, and in the monthly wages of individuals shall withhold the amount to be paid.

Three, the welfare of the staff
Insurance: for pension, medical, work injury, unemployment, maternity and other social insurance and housing accumulation fund for employees;
Commercial insurance: accident insurance throughout the year;
Subsidies: energy-saving, section three eight holiday fee, activity funds, funds, high temperature allowance funds birthday, training funds;
Accommodation: the company running the company canteen, staff can independently enjoy with reasonable early, dinner; (standard: breakfast 0.8 yuan, 3 yuan, 3 yuan for lunch dinner) and paid accommodation
(350 yuan / month);
Paid holidays: in addition to enjoy the national statutory holiday, marriage leave, funeral leave, female three eight day and maternity leave, where employees are entitled to paid annual leave days Spring Festival 12~15;
Training: the company provided free of charge into the pre service, in-service, promotion training for employees, with internal and external team of lecturers, as well as providing industry leading enterprise participation
To investigate, the opportunity to exchange;
Cultural activities: Games, Mid Autumn Festival party, spring tea party and other large cultural activities every year, and the establishment of No.1 Art Troupe and other organizations;
Signed three party employment agreement, graduate students can receive files, accounts, the relationship between the party organization.