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A marble tile is Guangdong Haosen Ceramics Co., the company's strong brand, the company is located in Foshan ceramic industry headquarters base, is a collection research and development, production, marketing, service as one of the large modern enterprises. The main production and operation: luxury beauty K crystallite series, rare beauty marble series, exalted beauty ultra flat enamel series, the beauty of the atmosphere glassy fossils series, the beauty of fashion within the wall series five series products!
The investment plans of the company exceeds 2000000000, has more than 4000 employees, showroom located in Foshan ceramic base headquarters, a total area of 5000 square meters; production base is located in Qingyuan He Yun Zhen, a total area of 800000 square meters, with the number 10 in today's world class architecture Tao Cisheng production line, equipped with 388 meters long and wide body furnace at present the most advanced Italy (SACMI) 7800 tons presses, as the No. 1 marble tile production and sales of high quality products escort.
The company adhering to the "core value commitment, sharing, adhere to the" concept, the implementation of the international advanced management mode, with ISO9001 international quality management system standard, comprehensive national compulsory 3C certification through the enterprise. Has won the "international famous brand", "China Green preferred brand", "National Engineering building materials preferred 100" and "favorite consumer ceramic ten brands" and many other honors, for many years by the Chinese building sanitary ceramics Association awarded the "ceramic tile ten brand", "ceramic industry first-line brand" and the honorary title