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2014, 2015 years, the brand to create.
[Strategic objectives]: popularized quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly built investment returns.
[Marketing strategy]: key breakthrough, the layout of national boundaries, strict, scientific return.
[development planning]: development plan within five months to occupy countrywide key (line two or three) city, within a year, the sales network covering the major city in the country (effective dot number reached more than 200).

2016 years, the brand development.
[objectives]: to build strategic No.1 marble tiles become the two or three line of strong brands.
[Marketing strategy]: the initial formation of the marketing strategy of sea land space combat platform.
[development planning]: continue to occupy countrywide key (first and second) city, effective dot number reached more than 300.

In 2017, brand consolidation years.
[objectives strategy]: No. one marble tiles to become members of the first-line brand alliance.
[Marketing strategy]: No. 1 will channel the initial infiltrated the elite life.
[development planning]: one, can be issued to the world.