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One mission:

The Chinese more respected brand.
Cultural beliefs:

The Tao gave birth to a student, one two, three two students, three things.
Brand belief:

One yuan begins, let us also start anew.
The product of faith:

Respect the natural stone to generate gene, recover one's original simplicity, relying on modern ceramic technology resurrection of rare stone.
The cause of faith:

The advantage of the opportunity to integrate, to build a Lixin, realize the dream of platform.
The team believes:

Commitment, share, insist on.。
Life of faith:

The social elite luxury space enjoyment.

A spirit of:

There is no genius, only love.
Brand positioning:

High-end fashion + price = ceramic industry benz.
Brand spirit:

The inheritance of No.1 concept, will be No.1 lineages of luxury fashion, the ultimate design, distinguished service style culture concept element, ceramic industry and introduced into their own blood, and combined with the present situation of the domestic high-end consumer groups of young, cut out a fashion, luxury, PFP parallel brand road.
Brand culture:

"No. 1", ONE, NO. 1, a leading symbol sequences; if the target, it is a go without the former tough spirit; and as a concept, it is the spirit of diligence a excellence, perfection.
The concept of brand:

Change, innovation, subversion.
The value of the brand:

Fashion, luxury, high quality, cost-effective.
Brand personality:

Fashion, art, elegance, luxury, people first.
Brand style:

One not only manufacture tiles, also create emotional. One is the quality, noble and wonderful endorsement. One not only the production of ceramic tiles, also specialize in style.
Brand communication:

All things return to the beginning, the more into the new cycle in the starting point of success, leading the new one round voyage in vertex, can the most extensive experience precipitation event horizon.
Brand advertising language:

Enjoy life, from the beginning of No. 1! Wyatt: joy, "read" calendar "month" copy. Yue is the quality of life, the rich perfection is from the heart of joy. Reading is a kind of accumulation, try reading everywhere numerous month, year after year, again and again.