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Human resources

  • Talent view

    Talent concept refers to a team or organization held in the introduction of talent, talent training and appointment of personnel and other aspects of the basic ideas and attitudes. Integrity: integrity means honesty, is the fundamental way of doing things. Honesty is a good character must-have, honest people, performance magnanimous calm, can obtain the trust of others; it has the character of people, can attract people, unite people, a team led by the most combat. Heavy duty: refers to the employees in the work to have the very strong......

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  • Salary and welfare

    The salary management to follow the distribution according to work, the priority of efficiency and fairness and the principle of sustainable development. Specific performance: fairness, competition, incentive and economic. Employees enjoy social insurance, commercial insurance and economic subsidies, the company provides accommodation at the same time, a paid holiday. The company provided free of charge into the pre service, in-service, promotion, training staff to hold the games every year....

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  • Job guide

    Through the network, on-site job fairs, newspapers, acquaintances and other channels to release the recruitment information; Combining with the job requirements, preliminary screening resumes and cross screening with the Department in charge of...

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  • Job listings

    As a new employee, must develop first become experienced, then according to choose the advantages to management or professional development, of course, the company will also carry on the related training and job opportunities according to individual characteristics. We look forward to your arrival, also hope to see your growth...

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