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        Sunshine angel service considerate service, home

        1、Free of charge to the customer on-site measuring housing decoration brick size and accurate calculation of the brick volume;
        2、By one of the "TCS sales consultant", to help consumers choose the right ceramics, enhanced with the effect;
        3、Set the TCS home design area, equipped with home application designers, tile home decoration design provides for the customer, provide free professional product mix design;
        4、Free on-site Putie guidance, and presented "ceramic paving guide card"

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        Join the advantage of No.1 ceramic 7 tonic, your success, speed. Products, research and development, marketing, management, advertising, training, logistics

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        The quality of cast brand, quality is the core competitiveness of the brand. Now, China ceramic industry brand bristly, product quality uneven ceramic tile. However, with

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        In 2013, No.1 marble tile was founded in Foshan China. To build the world's top marble tile leading brand to "change, innovation, subversion" attitude. One marble tile has always insisted: "human design, unaware Tiancheng as the!" Again good product designers as the nature of the Zhengui grant. Refuse to do tile product development, adhere to the nature as one of the creator, from all over the world in different longitude and latitude and different historical landform selection scarce top.....

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